Mini Donuts


3 Specialty Mini Donuts:  $3.95
6 Specialty Mini Donuts:  $6.60
16 Specialty Mini Donuts:  $16.30
32 Specialty Mini Donuts:  $30.30
48 Specialty Mini Donuts:  $46.35
6 Classic Mini Donuts:  $3.95
12 Classic Mini Donuts:  $6.60

Cookie Monster


Brown Cow


Strawberry Pocky

Creme Brulee


Rosewater Pistachio





Apple Pie


Boston Cream


Mini Homer

Strawberry glaze, rainbow sprinkles

The Jelly

Powdered sugar, strawberry filling


Granulated sugar, nutella filling

Coconut Bounty

Chocolate dip, toasted coconut

Great Canadian Pig

Maple dip, bacon

Maple Walnut

Maple dip, crushed walnuts

Lemon Meringue

Lemon filling, toasted meringue


Chocolate dip, Skor toffee bits

Chocolate Pistachio

Chocolate dip, crushed pistachios

Cookies N’ Creme

Vanilla dip, crushed oreos


Chocolate dip, mini Reese’s chips & cup

Campfire S’mores

Chocolate dip, dust, toasted marshmallow

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