Specialty Ice Cream

Cookie Monster

2 scoops cookie monster, mini chips ahoy, oreo cone

S’mores on S’mores

2 scoops Skor brownie, toasted marshmallow, s’mores cone

Cookies N’ Dreams

2 scoops Skor brownie, Hershey’s CNC, oreos, oreo cone

Specialty Soft Serve

Tropical Paradise

Pineapple & mango dole whip, mango nectar, mini homer donut

Good Morning Vietnam

Viet coffee, vanilla soft serve, chocolate dip donut, oreo dust

Just Soft Serve

Any soft serve flavour in a cup

Birthday Bash

Vanilla soft serve, fruit loops, sprinkles, rainbow chips ahoy, mini m&m’s, mini homer donut

Oreo Heaven

Vanilla soft serve, crushed oreo, oreo crumble, oreo cookie, chocolate wafer, chocolate dip donut


Vanilla soft serve, cinnamon toast crunch, cinnamon rolls, apple jelly, apple pie donut

Boba Flotea

Boba Flotea HK

Vanilla soft serve, boba, hk milk tea, kit kat

Boba Flotea Thai

Vanilla soft serve, boba, thai milk tea, kit kat

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